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The best quality coffee from Latin America

Welcome to BuonaTazza

Buonatazza is a coffee company that specializes in providing the best quality coffee fromLatin America. We source our coffee beans from renowned regions, such as Colombia, Brazil, and El Salvador. We carefully select our green coffee to create a unique and flavorful coffee that is sure to please even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

Our company operates from Dubai.
We centralize our coffee in Dubai, which allows us to ensure that our coffee is fresh and flavorful. We also have a team of experienced roaster and Q-graders who can help you choose the perfect coffee for your taste.

We are committed to quality.
We are committed to providing the highest quality coffee. We only source our coffee beans from farms that meet our strict quality standards. We also have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that our coffee is exported and imported fresh and delicious.

We are passionate about coffee.
We are passionate about coffee and we believe that it is more than just a beverage. Our partners: farmers, producers, logistic agents, roasters, and baristas, are truly coffee people motivated to produce a quality standard that makes them different, and thus they improve their own quality of life and their surrounding communities.

Visit our website to learn more
To learn more about Buonatazza and our coffee, please visit our website. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect coffee for your needs.


Yndira Buonaffina / Buonatazza CEO
Pre QGrader

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Exotic Flavor And Aroma in reserved quantities, Advanced technology, delicate harvesting, And Extraordinary Production Methods To Achieve A Unique.



The most skilled craftsman dedicated to produce a singular sensorial experience in a perfect cup.



Fermentations carefully crafted by professionals with exceptional experience to achieve the best results.



The best price and remarkable selection process, developed to allow broad market to enjoy the coffee excellence.


Home Connoisseurs

Home Connoisseurs

⦁ Coffee enthusiasts with experts taste profiles
⦁ Refined home roasting and extraction methods
⦁ In the quest for unique grains and comfortable quantities
⦁ Direct access to most authentic single sources
Coffee Roasters and Specialty Coffee Shops

Coffee Roasters and Specialty Coffee Shops

⦁ Variety of specialty coffee beverages.
⦁ Stable demand for commercial quantities
⦁ Satisfying regional demand from all easter hemisphere
⦁ Supporting small, medium roasters and coffee chains
Coffee Exporters

Coffee Exporters

⦁ Recurrent demand for commercial quantities
⦁ Quality assurance for commercial and specialty coffees
⦁ Unique access to reliable and sustainable origins
⦁ Curated relationship with producers from Latin America


Local Producers

Local Producers

⦁ Small quantities with artisan recollection methods
⦁ Curated harvest and production processes
⦁ Rare and exotic taste profiles
⦁ Responsibility, Fairness, and sustainability for communities
Producers’ Associations

Producers’ Associations

⦁ Aggregated quantities and coffee varieties
⦁ Specialized harvest and semi-industrial production
⦁ Inclusion of communities, genders, publicly owned entities
⦁ Commonly demanded taste profiles
Coffee Regional Exporters

Coffee Regional Exporters

⦁ Recurrent industrial quantities
⦁ Semi-industrialized harvest and production
⦁ Privately owned, linked to regional associations
⦁ Internationally demanded taste profiles
⦁ Expedite transaction, logistics and permits


Responsibly importing coffees from Latin-American, leveraging our competencies to fulfill unsatisfied needs of the Middle-East for exceptional coffee. We practice a straightforward business approach with clients and partners, to provide access to unique, high-quality coffee sources, supplying to demand of all sizes through optimized processes and products.

Our Commitment


Establish the BuonaTazza brand as a prime provider of quality coffee from Latin-America, importing coffees with sensibility for the customers and the value chain to fulfill unsatisfied needs for exceptional coffee.


1. Preserve the coffee quality and tradition
2. Improve the living of those engaged with us
3. Sustainable development of crops, techniques and communities
4. Act with humility, transparency and fairness

Meet The Team

The Origin and Inspiration
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Ing. Gustavo Buonaffina Parra
Senior Advisor

Agriculture Engineer, coffee producer, university teacher for 30 years, investigator and author. 3rd generation of coffee producers, public figure and technical reference with more than 50 years of experience on the coffee value chain. Back in the 50s, he discovered an indigenous coffee hybrid variety, originated in the farms of Caripe, Venezuela, which is currently under certification process as local Denomination of Origin.
+ Info
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Yndira Buonaffina
  • Latin American Coffee Personality
  • Coffee Pre Q Grader ( CQI)
  • Barista SCA
  • Publicist
  • Caripe variety genetic research coordinator
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Gustavo Buonaffina
Operations Director
  • Master in Business Management
  • Master in O&G Management
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Expert in Project Lifecycle
  • Coffee sourcing and trading specialist
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Luis C. Buonaffina
Marketing Director
  • Marketing and Communication Expert 
  • Media and Market Entrepreneur
  • Seasoned audiovisual author, director, and producer
  • Coffee enthusiast 
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Cesar Buonaffina
Founder/Sales Adv.
  • Master in Business Administration
  • System Engineer, Program Manager
  • Technology and Media Entrepreneur 
  • Coffee Sales and Market specialist